Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Husband release Photos of Adopted Son ‘Asher’

Asher - Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard

It’s about 8 months that the Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs and husband Kenneth adopted ‘Asher’ The Baby boy, and they released the Photos of ‘Asher’

“Asher means happy. His middle name means chosen by God and he literally lives up to his name,” says Tasha. “He wakes up laughing. He’s laughing all day unless he’s asleep. He loves to play.”

The couple had a very long infertility issues so could not get a baby, but they seem to be very happy adopting the baby boy

“We were trying to kind of figure out which ways would make it work and throughout going throughout it, all of those ways ended up not working for us. And our faith was tested,” Kenneth explains. “One of the things that I’m really happy for is that at the end of that process, our hearts were still open to God doing this, how he chose to do it. It really strengthened our faith, looking back, God really kept his promise to us.”

“After all of the disappointment, and it was many times that we tried and we were disappointed, but you have to have something internally that saying, I believe that this is what is meant for me,” adds the “You Know My Name” singer.

“So to have Asher now, and just the story behind how we got him, it is beyond what we could have imagined or expected,” she continues. “He is more than what we could have prayed for. So we are super excited just to watch him every day. Sometimes we look at him and say, ‘This is real?’ “

Tasha says it was a blessing to have the kid adopted, and the had beautiful memories in the adoption process.

Tasha’s Husband Kenneth has three kids from his earlier marriage, so with Asher there would be 4 lovely kids at home.

“If you desire a child, and you’ve been struggling, adoption has been beautiful for us,” the artist says. “It’s literally like Asher is our blood.”

“They were crying. The kids were talking about what they were going to do. Tiffany, our youngest daughter. She was like, ‘I’m going to change diapers.’ And the oldest says, ‘He’s sleeping with me.’ And they have literally been that excited since that day, until now,” Tasha recalls. “It has never been an issue with Asher fitting into the family.”

“If you have faith for something, if you’re believing for something, don’t ever give up on it,” she says. “I know even in the last two or three years, it’s been hard to walk in faith because so many people have gone through so much. But we want our story to show, that even in the last two years, God is still working on the promises that he’s given us.”