Rihanna’s Dinner with her beau A$AP Rocky and her brother Rorrey Fenty,

Rihanna Baby Bump

The Pop Star who is 33 years old was spotted with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky Rihanna was seen wearing Mets T-shirt draping her baby bump when she was dining out in New York City.

Rorrey Fenty Rihanna’s Younger brother and a mystery woman were also there with the expectant parents during their dine out.

What does Rihanna say about her Pregnancy?

‘Pregnancy makes me look at being more sustainable – with everything, all around,’ she said during a recent interview with Allure.

‘We’ve done a great job at that with Fenty Skin, so now we want to make sure we’re doing that with Fenty Beauty as well,’ she argued.

Rocky and Rihanna’s Relation

During an interview with GQ last year Rocky called Rihanna ‘The One’ and spilled that: ‘She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones.’

Rocky’s father was an immigrant from Barbados to America, In an Interview Rocky called Rihanna ‘The love of my life’

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