Electric Vehicle Production – Sony, Honda, Tesla, Volkswagen get into production of EV

Electric Vehicle

There has been great strides in the EV Car Technology, luxury cars, sports cars, freight trucks, and other cars are in the process of design and development to make commuting easy and pollution free environment, and also to reduce the cost.

Sony Group and Honda Motor Company come together to develop Electric Vehicles.

A join Ventured would be formed to sell EV models from 2025. As per the Joint Venture. Battery-powered electric vehicle model would be developed by Honda. Mobility Service would be focused upon by Sony. Sony is finding ways to get into the next generation automobile market. Sony has plans to start a new company, “Sony Mobility”

Tesla seems to have got German approval to manufacture EV’s in Germany

Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc aims to start Electric-Vehicle productions outside Berlin
They are planning for a production capacity of about 500,000 vehicles in a year.

Top-Selling fully-electric care maker in Europe for 2021 Tesla sold 157,549 vehicles,
Tesla’s Model 3 became the beset sellilng electric car in Europle in 2021. Tesla started the production facility in 2020 but had to delay as approvals did not come through.

The ‘ Y Police ‘ Tesla Car Model gets into Swiss Patrol Fleet (EV)

St. Gallen Police Department in Switzerland inducts Tesla Y Police model as per their EV Car Needs. Many other police departments inthe world have adopted the Tesla Y Police EV Car.

Volkswagen also arraying into Electric Vehicles in Germany

A new factory is being built in Wolfsburg, Germany by Volkswagen. Volkswagen is planning to invest 2 billion Euros for the plant and would commence production in 2023. The EV card model of Volkswagen ‘ Trinity ‘ models would be rolled out form the production centers.

The Trinity Electric would have 700 km range. Short Charging Time. Volkswagen is planning to build more than 40 million vehicles.

Wuling MINI EV GameBoy Edition Adds Extra Fun, Power And Range To China’s Best-Selling EV