Memory Loss as you go Senior in age could be avoided. As one gets into 50’s and above there is a loss in Episodic memory. E

Aerobics, Exercise, Memory Loss

Episodic memory is “remembrance of things past,” such as when, where, and with whom a specific personal experience occurred.

Episodic memories tend to decline as one ages. But a study shows that Ep[isodic Memory can be improved in late adulthood if one starts doing aerobic exercise or Cardio by age 55.

Keeping yourself Active will keep you healthy and strong physically and also mentally. Performing exercises like cycling, walking or jogging which get the heart pumping increases the brain health. Physical exercises reduces muscle loss and enhances your memory. Memory Loss happens doing ageing and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease and affect your life.

Getting Active Keeps You Strong — Start sooner than Late
An analysis of 36 studies which involved 2,750 participants showed aerobic exercise improves episodic memory in late adulthood. These findings (Aghjayan et al., 2022) were published on February 17 in the peer-reviewed journal Communications Medicine.

“Aerobic exercise positively influences episodic memory among adults ≥55 years without dementia,” the University of Pittsburgh authors explain.

Cardio exercises are most effective at increasing episodic memory in 50 plus if done 3 thrice a week for around 19 to 20 weeks.

You can recollect and preserver your beautiful memories, including your first love kiss, your first job excitement. New research shows that when older adults started to exercise, they showed improvements in episodic memory, or the ability to vividly recall meaningful moments and events.